Hi there! I'm Kitson 
A self-motivated, organised and innovative thinker, my passion lies in creative/strategic communications and design.
Since a very young age I have always loved to draw, I took all the creative classes during grade school and it was something I thoroughly enjoyed. I started to create a lot of art and in no time had people wanting to buy them, so I started to sell my art, which never really felt like work. 
I knew I passionately wanted to pursue a creative career.
I am a highly creative person and I am a life-long learner who is always interested in learning new information and new skills. 
I am constantly updating my skills and knowledge.
I love creating for clients and I enjoy the way that each new design brief introduces me to new ideas and challenges, and the completion of each brief leaves me with a new achievement. 
Professional history & Experience
2B Advertising and Design Agency
UX Designer, Graphic Designer | June 2019 - 2021
I came to 2B as an intern during my 3rd year of university, I was hired shortly after and have developed new skills and further enhanced the skills I've acquired from university. Some of the day to day role includes typesetting for annual review reports and creating documents for print and web distribution. I've created a wide variety of graphics for social media, print and web publications as well as editing and preparing finished work for distribution across internal and external channels. I work with copywriters and creative director to produce final design and I attend client meetings with creative director to ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand. I continue to learn and develop design skills in this creative atmosphere surrounded by talented professionals.

ACT Health (Drugs & Alcohol) Campaign
Professional Evidence (Communication) Unit - Lead Designer | May 2020 
During my last year at university in a Communication unit, I had the opportunity to work with ACT Health as part of their campaign development with Drugs & Alcohol. As a three-person group we had to develop a communication plan and campaign strategy to pitch to the clients and industry panel of judges while also creating a hard-copy report for them to visualize our tactics/implementation. As the head designer, I was responsible for all visual aspects of the campaign, from designing the report such as layout and typesetting to creating the mock ups and putting the final touches together. I also took on creating the pitch presentation slides and we successfully pitched our idea tieing with one other group as the clients top favourite campaign strategy.

Study Abraod (Malaysia & Singapore)
An Asian Perspective Faculty Led Program | June/July 2019 
I was chosen to take part in this two-week program which offered current industry knowledge in the fields of Advertising and Marketing. Through this opportunity, I was taken across Malaysia and Singapore with the chance to experience the industry first hand through various visits to companies such as Google, AirAsia, Scoot and many more! During the trip, I was immersed to various marketing styles, advertising and communication techniques. The couple of weeks spent in Singapore and Malaysia has allowed me to open up myself to a world of opportunities and skills such as adaptability, loyalty, overcoming challenges and motivation to strive for the best. I have now returned with a better understanding of the industry and a greater appreciation of different cultures.

National Gallery of Australia​​​​​​​ Gift Shop
Packaging and Environmental Graphics Unit​​​​​​​ | Sept 2018
During my second year at university in a Design unit, I had the opportunity to work with the National Gallery of Australia. The task was to design a new product and it's packaging which could potentially be sold in their gift store. This was the first time I had developed a physical product and thoroughly enjoyed the hands on experience of putting it all together to see the final product 

Everbean Expresso Bar Belconnen
Freelance Graphic Designer, Chalkboard Artist​​​​​​​ | 2016 - 2017
After creating an Instagram account to display and promote my art work, I was contacted by a small Canberra business inquiring about doing design work for them. I was regularly freelancing with Everbean Cafe to design the business logo, take part in their menu design, draw a chalk mural on a large part of the cafe's wall and did typography work on their chalk board menus. They have since grown to be a favourite cafe in Westfield for many coffee lovers.
Skill Summary
Extremely organised
Highly dependable
Works well independently or as a team
Strong & dedicated working ethic 
Excels at Layout and/or print design
Talent in painting and drawing
Described below are my three strongest skills
Meticulous attention to detail​ 
I am a creative, self-starter who provides strong attention to detail in everything I do. Prior to studying graphic design, I was regularly painting and drawing which is how I gained my skills on paying close attention to the small things. This has played a huge role in my career, as it has meant I always examine and polish every element of a design. I pride myself on providing high-quality, visually perfect material. I believe it is attention to detail that can very much be the difference between a good design and a great one. 
Multi-tasking and Time management
During my time at university, I was working as a part time store manager as well as freelancing at an agency, all while studying full time. I have always possessed very strong time management and prioritisation skills and have developed the ability to effectively plan and control how I spend my time. With this, I am able to successfully execute more than one task and meet deadlines.
Communication/Interpersonal Skills
With extensive experience in customer service, I have strong communication abilities which have been developed and been tested in my previous work environments. Part of being a good manager, employee, and colleague is the ability to understand and effectively communicate with others. As a manager, I was able to motivate and encourage my team to achieve success while showing empathy. Listening is a skill that goes hand in hand with good communication and as a graphic designer I build rapport with clients and maintain positive working relationships. As a colleague, I am able communicate clearly and effectively with others through both oral and written communications.
Proficient in
Application of the following proficiencies is shown throughout my portfolio
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