A small survey was conducted to get more of an insight on the creative execution - Questions asked included "what type of messaging would you respond to best if you were to see a drink driving campaign" the highest result being true stories and "what would be the most effective visual for a poster" with illustrations being at the top. So with these survey results in mind, these three poster were created.
Further information about this campaign will be delivered through the DrinkWise official website. A link to this has been placed as a QR code on each of our posters, which allows access to further information about what they can do to avoid drink driving, and testimonials of previous victims and perpetrators of drink driving. 
Promotion Strategies
The plan is to focus on the strategic placement of the posters in areas of high alcohol consumption. The photos below are examples of the poster placements acting as reminders - Outside a nightclub or bar, around universities and around parking areas 

Message Channels
The campaign message can also be displayed as sponsored posts on digital platforms,which will mainly be on instagram and facebook, as that’s where the target audience is most active. Another channel this campaign message will be delivered on is through the Spotify music mobile application. Spotify is able to recognise when a user connects to his/her car, either through bluetooth or AUX cord, therefore the plan is to have a pop-up message appear between the hours of 6pm to 6am, prompting the driver to whether they are okay to drive.
Promotional Goods
One of DrinkWise’s services to tap into is their website. The target audience can access an additional section of the website (purely focused on ‘drink driving’) where they can educate themselves on the topic as well as to view True stories on drink driving. With coasters being a tangible good for this campaign, these will ideally be distributed from pubs, to universities and colleges to local community clubs. These coasters would encourage individuals to heed warnings to don’t drink and drive.

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